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48V/10Ah LFP Battery for Scooter

48V10Ah LFP Battery Pack for E Scooter
LFP battery 48V/10Ah for Scooter
1 Model Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 48V/10AH
2 Nominal Voltage 48V
3 Rated Capacity 10Ah
4 Battery size 250x142x72mm
5 Battery Weight 3.60kgs
6 Max Constant Discharge Current 2C
7 Standard Charge Current 0.5C
8 Standard Discharge Current 0.5C
9 Overcharge cut off voltage 58.4V (3.65V per cell)
10 Discharge cut off voltage 40 (2.5V per cell)
11 Way of Charge CC/CV
12 Cycle Life >1000 times (70% of initial capacity at 0.5C rate)
13 Charge Temperature 0~45 60±25%R.H.
14 Discharge Temperature -20~55°C 60±25%R.H.
15 Storage temperature -0~35°C 45-75% R.H.
16 Charging Time (Std.) 4~5hours
17 Charging Time (Max.) 2~3hours
18 Protection Function Over-Current Protection,Over-Discharge Protection, Over-Charge Protection,Short-Circuit Protection, Temperature, Balance