Battery Cells

LFP Cells 32135 3.2V/15.5AH

LFP Cells for EV, Scooter,Type 32135 3.2V15.5AH
No. Item Performance Remark
1 Capacity 15.5Ah 25±30.5C/1C2.0V
2 Nominal Voltage
3.2V(0.33C) Operation voltage during
standard discharge.
3 Cut-off Voltage 2.0V  
4 Charging Voltage 3.65V  
5 AC-impedance  1.5mΩ≤R≤3mΩ AC 1KHz after standard charge
6 Standard Charge CC / CV: 3.65V / 0.5CA charging till to the current decline to 0.05CA, at 25±2℃. Charge time: Approx3.0h.
7 Standard Discharge Discharge continuously with 1CA to 2.00V, at 25±2℃.  
8 Operation Temperature 0~55℃ Charge
-30-60℃ Discharge
9 Cell weight 268±5g  
10 Energy density ≥187Wh/Kg 0.33C/0.33C
11 Product Dimensions Height:140±0.3mmincluding poles Initial battery dimensions