12.8V100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Module

12V100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Module
Item Specification Unit Remark
Pack Info. Model BAM-LFP12100A    
Type Cylindrical    
Material LiFePO4    
Cell Spec. Battery Cell Model F602000C-50Ah    
Battery Cell Spec. 3.2V50Ah    
Pack Spec Assemble Style 4S2P    
Nominal Voltage 12.8 V  
Nominal Capacity 100 Ah @25℃
Energy 1.280 kWh  
Energy Density 116 Wh/kg  
Charge Voltage 14.4 V Voltage Range10~14.4V
Discharge End Voltage 10 V
Standard Charge Current 20 A 0.2C
Max Continuous Charge Current 50 A 0.5C
Standard Discharge Current 50 A 0.5C
Max Continuous Discharge Current 100 A 1C
Peak Discharge Current 300 A 3C
Charge Temp. Range 0~45  
Discharge Temp. Range -20~60  
Storage Temp. Range -10~30  
Dimension 128*256*214 mm  
Weight 11 Kg  
Cycle life 2000 times @0.5C/1C 90%DOD
BMS The BMS default specification is below, if your load working current over the specification, please contact us. Need to be custom-made.
The Max continuous current 100 A