12V150Ah LiFePO4 battery

Lead acid replacement. For home use, solar energy storage. Electric boat battery. Energy up to 1920Wh. Can be used by series and parallel connection to higher voltage and capacity. Widely use battery pack.

Item Specification Unit Remark
Pack Info. Model LFP-12150LA    
Type Cylinderical    
Material LiFePO4    
Cell Spec. Battery Cell Model LF32700-6000    
Battery Cell Spec. 3.2V6Ah    
Pack Spec, Assemble Style 4S25P    
Nominal Voltage 12.8 V  
Nominal Capacity 150 Ah @25℃
Energy 1.920 kWh  
Energy Density 107 Wh/kg  
Charge Voltage 14.4 V Voltage Range10~14.4V
Discharge End Voltage 10 V
Standard Charge Current 30 A 0.2C
Max Continuous Charge Current 49.5 A 0.33C
Standard Discharge Current 45 A 0.3C
Max Continuous Discharge Current 150 A 1C
Peak Discharge Current / A /C
Charge Temp. Range 0~45  
Discharge Temp. Range -20~60  
Storage Temp. Range -10~30  
Dimension 484.7*170*241 mm  
Weight 18 Kg  
Cycle life 2000 times @0.5C/1C 90%DOD
BMS The BMS default specification is below, if your load working current over the specification, please contact us. Need to be
The Max continuous cuurrent 100 A  

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Download:Introduction of the 12V series battery.