Scooter Battery

48V/20Ah LFP Battery for Scooter

Item No.: 48V/20Ah LFP Battery for Scooter
48V/20Ah LFP Battery for Scooter
LFP Battery 48V/20Ah for Scooter
1 Model Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 48V/15AH
2 Nominal Voltage 48V
3 Rated Capacity 20Ah
4 Cell Type 21700/3.0Ah
5 Chemical Lithium ion Phosphate
6 Battery Pack size 250x180x126mm
7 Battery Weight 9.0kgs
8 Max Constant Discharge Current 2C
9 Standard Charge Current 0.5C
10 Standard Discharge Current 0.5C
11 Charge Cut off  Voltage 58.4V (3.65V per cell)
12 Discharge cut off voltage 40 (2.5V per cell)
13 Way of Charge CC/CV
14 Cycle Life >1000 times (70% of initial capacity at 0.5C rate)
15 Charge Temperature 0~45 60±25%R.H.
16 Discharge Temperature -20~55°C 60±25%R.H.
17 Storage temperature -0~35°C 45-75% R.H.
18 Charging Time (Std.) 4~5hours
19 Charging Time (Max.) 2~3hours
20 Protection Function Over-Current Protection,Over-Discharge Protection, Over-Charge Protection,Short-Circuit Protection, Temperature, Balance